This software will generate the Boston Consulting Group Product Portfolio Matrix.

It will classify a product portfolio according to the product market growth and the relative market share into four groups ("Question Marks", "Stars", "Cash Cows" and "Dogs").

More background information about the BCG Product Portfolio Matrix can be found here at BCG.com.
You also might want to read the underlying assumptions and limitations of the BCG model

Simply fill in the grid below or click on "Generate my BCG Matrix!" to process the default data.

Product Name
Market Share
Market Share most
important competitor
Product market
% % % $
% % % $
% % % $
% % % $
% % % $

Use Sales/Turnover as weight instead of Relative Market Share (default)

Important Notes:

-This software works best with Internet Explorer 5.x and up, Netscape 4.x and up and Opera 6.x and up.

-You can leave fields blank, you don't need data for five products (the software will replace blank fields and wrong data by a "0").
The only requirement is that the first two rows (products) are filled - you need to consider at least two products for a BCG Matrix.
You do not need to label the products.

-The quality of the analysis depends of course on the quality of your data. Try to eliminate variables that will falsify/distort the results, like an extremely great number for a given field compared to the others (Example for a sale/turnover: 50,70,80,700,90 - eliminate the product that scored 700)
A zero value for "Sales" is allowed but this doesn't make too much sense in most cases. If you want to consider a product which has zero sales, it is suggested that you assign it a very small (0.01) sales value.
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