The software produces a 2 attribute (2 dimensional) non vector based perceptual map in an Euclidian space.

Use this tool to evaluate your positioning on two dimensions (attributes, factors) versus your competition.
You can evaluate up to ten products.

The generated map will tell you how good your product performs with respect to the considered attributes.

The axis of the map go from "good" to "bad", from "poor" to "sophisticated" (Example: from "bad design" to "good design")

The input data are average perceptions (other scores such as aggregated preferences work as well) , i.e. what people think of a product in terms of that attribute (a high score for "design" means that on average people think that the product has a good design).

Below you will find a fictional example about customer perceptions for the PDA market concerning "Performance" and "Design".

You can type in your own titles (20 caracters max.) and perceptions (4 caracters max including comma ".")

Fill in the average perceptions or click on "Generate my Perceptual Map!" to view the example case:



Important Notes:

-This software works best with Internet Explorer 5.x and up, Netscape 4.x and up and Opera 6.x and up.

-The data can be any scale, the Positioning Analysis software will standardize the numbers.

-You can leave fields blank, you don't need data for ten products (the software will replace blank fields and wrong data by a "0").
The only requirement is that the first two rows (products) are filled - you need to consider at least two products for a positioning analysis.
You do not need (except for the two first rows/products) to label the products.

-The quality of the analysis depends of course on the quality of your data. Try to eliminate variables that will falsify/distort the results, like an extremely great number for a given perception compared to the others (Example for an attribute: 5,7,8,700,9,6.6,4.3,9,10 - eliminate the product that scored 700)
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